La Piccionaia
I Carrara

Theater Company


La Piccionaia – I Carrara Theater Company this year sets the scene for a new, important season in its long history in theater.

This family of professional artists has, over ten generations, successfully left its mark on national and international stages. In the 1970’s it expanded to include youth theater by creating the Centro Stabile La Piccionaia. Alongside its dedication to its young public, the Piccionaia has made its mission to research at the heart of great Italian theater tradition.

Marcello Bartoli is the Director of Le ridicolose gesta dello Zanni Innamorato (The rediculous jests of Zanni-In-Love). Bartoli’s works have always emphasized recuperating and re-elaborating the actor’s expressivity through his interpretation of Ruzante and the mask-characters of Pulcinella, Brighella and Pantaloon. This play follows last year’s L’Alfabeto dei Villani (The Villains’ Alphabet) to once again revisit both the scenic and literary roots from which Commedia dell’Arte blossomed.